135 – A question: What would you do if you were the CEO?

Posted by Colin Weatherby                                                                         180 words


A colleague working at a council with a new CEO sent me a list of the organisation’s woes as identified by that CEO with their summary of the situation. It started me thinking, ‘what would I do if I was the CEO?’

Here is the list:

  • Strong autocratic and bureaucratic style on the part of the previous CEO.
  • People fearful to make decisions and comfortable not making them.
  • Strong avoidance of accountability.
  • A very conventional approach – ‘we have always done it like this’.
  • Low level of achievement – ‘if we don’t get it done today, there is always tomorrow’.
  • A low level of self actualisation and self worth.
  • Younger staff desperate for change.
  • Older staff scared of change.
  • A number of senior staff complacent in believing that all is perfect.

All of this led to a realisation that as a council with a demanding community and limited resources, the current culture would not support the future.

What would you do?

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