131 – The Local Government Utopia syntopicon.

Posted by Lancing Farrell


A syntopicon for the blog has been under construction for a few months. It now covers all topics for the first 100 posts. I will endeavour to make sure that it is updated every 25 posts from here on. It replaces the index posts that were made after every 25 posts.

The link is under the banner.

If you want to quickly get a feel for the matters covered by the blog, this is a good place to start. It is also useful if you want to see the progressive development of ideas as various writers have posted on topics over the course of the year.

For those who are interested, the image shows author Mortimer J. Adler creating the syntopicon for the Great Books of the Western World series. Please note, the Local Government Utopia blog has no pretensions to being the local government equivalent!